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Welcome to The Flavour Lab

Awaken Your Senses!

The flavour Lab is a manufacturer of Flavour solutions, sauces, cook-in sauces, Mayonnaise and spices. We create Breadings, batters, Roast rubs, Marinades, Cook-in sauces, solution batch packs, sprinkles, Mayonnaise, Peri-peri sauces, dipping sauces, dessert solutions and butchery products. Our primary goal is to assist food outlets to achieve Consistency even off a low skill base.

Our Innovation Research and Development centre is available to help you create a bespoke flavour profile for your vision.

Our training facility is an active restaurant called Nosh Factory Café where we offer free support to our clients using our products. Our Chefs train on cook process, programming of equipment and assistance with menu ideas. 

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