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The Flavour Lab was founded in 2006 as “Spice Specific” but later changed to “The Flavour lab” due to a wider marketing aspect. The company was founded in an effort to assist kitchens battling with inconsistencies due to low skill. Chefs always battle with inexperienced staff to achieve the same flavours they originally developed.  Hence, The Flavour Lab’s drive to making recipes in an easy to use pack with a recipe on the bag. The company naturally evolved into sauces and mayonnaise that would complement the spices creating complete meals. The Flavour Lab was founded by Ryan Hodge, who studied business and worked for 6 years in the restaurant industry in the UK and Australia where quality was a huge focus.  His love for food led him to an international equipment supplier who supplied the Franchise industry where he learnt the value of consistency and Franchise style systems.


What we


We have a fully operational Research and Development lab where we can create a unique flavour profile for you as well as products that are stable and safe. This is backed up by a sauce and Mayonnaise plant as well as a dry blending facility. This is also complimented with an automated bottling set-up. We do white label and co-packing as well as Flavour Lab products.

Our fully equipped training and test kitchen (called Nosh) includes pressure fryers, flame grillers, combi steamer, steam jacketed pot, burger station, marinators, blast chiller and a computerised chip fryer.

Nosh has a conference centre and functional restaurant serving meals to surrounding businesses giving a real time experience while training.
The Flavour Lab believes in proof of concept so most of the products we manufacture are used in the restaurant.

Nosh is also built using recycled doors, plumbing pipes and barrels to create the furniture so has a steampunk style.

The Flavour Lab - Lab
The Flavour Lab - Warehouse



The Flavour Lab has always strived to obtain the highest-level Health Accreditations and currently has a FSSC22000 QSCert Certification which is approved from Prague. 

This is both a HACCP and an ISO2200 accreditation.

On a religious front, we are SANHA accredited from a Halaal perspective.

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